Shake Your Spirit Ecstatic Dance Church Fundraiser for the Sacred Dance Guild

This fundraiser model was created in the fall of 2009. I facilitated two of them one in Cincinnati Sept 2009 and one in Atlanta Jan 2010. Each one raised around $500. The procedures are listed below in order for you to have a model and guide to follow. Please feel free to email me with questions.
Blessings on your dance,
2010 Sacred Dance Guild VP Lisa Michaels

Step One:
Secure a location and a date for the fundraiser. Both of my locations were donated and there fore ultimately allowed more of the funds to go back to SDG. The date should ultimately be at 2-3 months out to allow for donations to be secured and advertising to go out.

Step Two:
Contact those in your area who have classes, services, and books who could donate items as bonus gifts. See the Atlanta example sheet for ideas. Get commitments for donations. You could have much simpler donation levels. Such as $20 & $50. While only a few people stayed for the $100 level it did boost the overall total of the fundraiser.

Step Three:
Put flyer together with bonus gifts and begin distributing. Send out email campaign and begin posting on social media sites such as facebook. Get the word out.

Step Four:
Create your playlist.

Sample Play List

  • The Gates Of Istanbul, An Ancient Muse, Loreena McKennitt
  • Marco Polo, The Book Of Secrets, Loreena McKennitt
  • Red Rhythm Dragon, Feet In The Soil, James Asher
  • Tantango, Feet In The Soil, James Asher
  • I Am Your Soul, Bhakti, Suzanne Sterling
  • Magaya, Best Of Chris Spheeris, Chris Spheeris
  • Ganesha Sharanam, Kirtan, Jai Uttal
  • Send In The Drums, Feet In The Soil, James Asher
  • Red Desert, Tigers Of The Raj, James Asher
  • Azwaw 2 (Algeria), Dublin To Dakar, Cheb Mami
  • Ancient Call, Calling, Raphael And Kutira
  • The Silent Awakening, The Silent Awakening, Tina Malia
  • Nataraj Express, Kali Thunder, James Asher
  • Baganda / Dance Of Life, One World One People, Xcultures
  • Sudanese Dance, One World One People, Xcultures
  • Om Mata, Jaya Bhagavan, Tina Malia & Shimshai

Step Five:
Create your disclaimer and donation page. Assemble all the bonus gifts to give away at the event. Determine your registration procedure. Print SDG membership pages.

Forms Needed:
Donation Page
SDG Membership Forms

Step Six:
Create and host the event. Take all the needed forms and items for your registration table, your music and play list, as well as any sound equipment needed for your venue.

Step Seven:
Create the follow up report to send in to SDG with all the funds you raised and any new or renewing member forms.

Step Eight:
Celebrate and appreciate that you have made such a wonderful contribution to SDG. Many thanks and much gratitude to you.

As part of this packet you will find:
This general procedure information (these two pages)
Disclaimer sample
Donation page sample
Flyer sample

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