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Sacred Dance Guild Festival 2012
July 24-29, 2012
Hope College
Holland, Michigan




Festival 2012 Musician - Emmalyn Moreno

Emmalyn is a performing artist, pianist, percussionist, composer, singer, dancer, and teacher who uses her God-given talents in Music and Dance. She is deeply involved with several interfaith groups and serves as board member, music and dance minister. In the Dance Ministry, Emmalyn is a member and Vice President of the Alleluia Dance Theater and director of Movin' With the Spirit Ensemble. Emmalyn has offered drum and dance workshops across the United States and in Canada. Emmalyn’s original composition "We are One" was the Sacred Dance Guild's 50th Anniversary Festival theme song and subsequently became the theme song for the Sacred Dance Guild.

See Emmalyn’s web site at: http://www.musicbyemmalyn.com/
Phone: 1-760-809-0203
Emmalyn has written and choreographed a Theme Song for the "Dance a World of Hope" Festival. All participants at Festival will have an opportunity to learn the movements and a "group" offering of the piece might be included in the Saturday Faculty concert.

SDG 2012 Theme song: HOPE © 2011
Composed & Choreographed by EM

Refrain: Let us know Hope

Let us be Hope
Help us bring Hope, Blessed Hope.
Vs1. We celebrate Hope, we celebrate Love,
We dance the joy of Hope in our hearts.
We celebrate Hope, we celebrate Love,
We share the dance of Hope with each other. Refrain
Vs2. Hope – Blessed Hope.
We hope for: Peace – Understanding,
Loving – Forgiving,
Tolerance and Unity. Refrain

We are working now to have the basic choreography up on UTube prior to the Festival to participants can familiarize themselves with the music and movement before the Festival!!! The theme song will also be available for sale before the festival. The package will include:

  • three different versions of "HOPE" on CD: a solo vocal w/ piano, an instrumental, and a full performance arrangement
  • lead sheets w/ lyrics, vocal melody and harmonies, & guitar chords
  • a simple piano arrangement
A notice will be posted on the SDG Website as soon as the information is up on U Tube. Check back!!

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