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Sacred Dance Guild Festival 2010
July 26-31
Connecticut College, New London, CT

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Festival 2010 - before the week had ended someone said "This is like dance heaven and I don't want to leave this wonderful place." On one of the evaluation forms, the response to the question "What did you like least about Festival 2010" was simply "Having to leave"!! Simply Soaring was a haven for dancers, a place offering limitless opportunities to soar as a dancer, an artist and a spiritual being. It was a place of joy and a place of harmony for the body, mind and spirit of participants, faculty, performers, friends and observers, too. In this 52nd year for the Sacred Dance Guild, we are soaring ever onward and upward.

The Opening Celebration gave us the wings to Soar through the week. We gathered, renewing old friendships and meeting newcomers with shared anticipation and wonder as we began our weeklong journey. The signature moves made by the faculty gave us just a hint of what we were to experience in the coming week. In order to Soar to our greatest heights each day, we gathered outside to prepare the body, mind and soul - a time of ritual, movement, chant, symbol and Debbie Danbrook’s beautifully inspiring Shakuhachi flute music. Connecting with the elements of Earth, Fire, Water and Air each day we Soared for, to, with and as the Divine. The week unfolded with Panel Discussions, Sharings, Festival and Faculty Concerts, A Share What you Wear Fashion Show, great shopping at the Festival Store and the Festival Bazaar, a magical Aurora Borealis setting for the SDG Annual Meeting and Banquet AND who could forget the Flash Mob, where we all danced on the pier in New London at sunset, to benefit the Women Center of Southeastern Connecticut - all of these activities kept our minds swirling, gliding and twirling with delight.

Morning Awakenings fueled our flight each day, sending us off to Gain Our Wings with the Main Presenters and in the afternoon we prepared for Liftoff and Took flight in Technique Classes and Workshops with our bodies Soaring, flying, rising, floating, spiraling and dancing. At the Closing Celebration we were encouraged to share what we experienced in the past week with all who we meet and to Soar On in new ways, carrying the spirit of the Sacred Dance Guild.

On behalf of the festival planning team, many thanks to all who participated in Simply Soaring, Festival 2010. We would love to hear from you and hope you will consider working with us for the next festival.

Mary Kamp and Wendy Morrell, Co-Directors Programs

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Festival Photos by John Morrell. Festival Video by Charome.

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