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Festival 2008 – July 20 – 25 – Connecticut College, New London, CT

"Moving Mysteries"! What a glorious week we had dancing and celebrating the 50th Anniversary, Golden Jubilee, of the Sacred Dance Guild! 250 people – dancing participants, faculty, supporters and friends - joined together exploring the theme “Moving Mysteries” in celebration of Dance as a Sacred Art and in celebration of the integral role of the Sacred Dance Guild has as an "umbrella" organization for all who view dance as an expression of the sacred and as a spiritual practice.

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Photo by: S. Friedlander, pictured: Katharine Harts

Festival 2008 - we laughed and we cried and we danced with our hearts, souls and bodies! We opened with a magical, mystical night celebrating with East Coast Tribal music and dancing and wonderful masked movers! We danced our way through classes from early morning to late afternoons. We learned and listened during the daily lecture series and the pre-concert talk. We watched with smiles and tears as participants shared their dances. We held our breath during the offerings at the Festival concert and the Faculty concert.

We danced with wild abandon to the drums at Barefoot Boogie and contemplated in quiet reflection with the harp and flute at the Lumiere Labyrinth. We communed with nature and each other during our daily Morning Meditation. We shopped for amazing items at the Festival Store, the Thursday Bazaar and the Silent Auction. We laughed and reminisced during the presentations with our “presidents” and other honored guests at the Annual Membership meeting and banquet.

We wandered the amazing Exhibits at the Cro’s Nest and many enjoyed wonderful conversations at “tea time” with our Living Legacies. On Friday morning when we “closed” – there were sighs, smiles and tears - acknowledging the deep connections we had made. We left inspired anew to dance lightly through life carrying the sacred in our hearts and sharing that with those we meet along the way. These are the things that create a kinder, gentler, more compassionate and peaceful world in which we live and breath and have our being. Thanks to everyone who participated in anyway in our Festival 2008 Sacred Dance Festival.

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Wendy Morrell
Festival Director
On behalf of the Sacred Dance Guild Board of Directors

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