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Event Details

Sacred Dance Series - It's a Way of Life
Date: April 19, 2018-
Location: Encino, CA

Event Location: Holy Spirit Retreat Center, 4316 Lanai Rd. City: Encino State: California Event

Start Date: April 3, 2018 : 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. – Weekly to May 3, 2018

John West, SDG Board Member, Director of the Valyermo Dancers and workshop facilitator at both St. Andrew’s Abbey and HSRC, offers a series of modern dance classes that integrate both physical and spiritual exercises. Using his rich background in Graham, Humphrey-Weidman, Horton, and Dunham techniques, John will lead students from teens and young adults to seniors to improve their physical condition and ward off the intimidations and restrictions of stress and limited physical abilities.

With attention to the physical core and the spiritual core, movers and dancers will develop a sense of community and joy in the celebration of Life and the gifts of the Creator. The classes will offer a unique opportunity for friends and those in relationship to speak and communicate in & through dance, “the hidden language of the soul” [Martha Graham].


Web Site: www.valyermodancers.org

Contact Name: Sr. Deborah Lorentz Contact Phone: 818-815-4496 or 818 285 3370 Contact Email: HSRCenter@earthlink.net