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Japan Tour 2018 - with Shakuhachi master Debbie Danbrook
Date: March 26, 2018- April 2, 2018
Location: Japan

Debbie Danbrook is a Master of the Shakuhachi, a Japanese Bamboo Flute originally played only by monks as a type of Zen called Suizen or blowing Zen. Until recently the Shakuhachi has only been played by men and Ms.Danbrook is the first woman to have mastered this difficult instrument. She has recorded 20 CD¹s for healing and relaxation and offers healing music concerts and workshops throughout North America and Japan. Debbie teaches and offers healing sessions in Toronto, Ottawa and on Skype.  Annually Debbie takes a small group on a tour of Japan during the Cherry Blossom Festival. Participants will travel to her favourite temples where she will offer Music Meditations under the Cherry Blossoms. Tour includes travel to Nara, Kyoto, Osaka, and sometimes Ise, the spiritual centre for the Shinto religion. We will enjoy peaceful and tranquil walking meditations at ancient sites, experience a traditional Tea Ceremony, listen to healing music and of course eat fabulous Japanese food, drink sake and shop!!!! Always an enlightening and fun adventure. For more info: debbiedanbrook@gmail.com


Approximately 8 to 10 days – (dates may shift by a few days to accommodate the cherry blossoms)

Maximum of 3 participants – booking for this tour starting in summer, 2017