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Event Details

Date: January 15, 2018- January 19, 2018
Location: Tucson, Arizona

Mettler PhotoWinter Dance Retreat

The Dance Retreat is designed for people familiar with the principles of free movement expression developed by dance pioneer Barbara mettle (1907-2002) and who have experience with feree group dance improvisation.  it will not include introductory material.  its goal is to support the individual’s artistic growth and to build strong feeling for group movement.  Areas of focus may include:

  • Putting “the whole self” into the dance
  • Movement and stillness
  • Sound and silence
  • Balancing individual freedom with accountability to group
  • Exploring the environment
  • Topics generated by group interest during the week

There will be daily opportunities for journaling and processing our dance with art materials (provided).

Location:  Tucson Creative Dance Center, Tucson, Arizona
Taught by Griff Goehring
Mon-Fri January 15-19, 2018
Fee:  $350.  IACD (or SDG) Tucson amembers: $315 (the SDG and the IACD have are affiliates and as such offer members reduced rates)
Contact griff@creativedancecenter.org 802-380-0068

Previous Mettler-based dance experience or permission of the instructor required