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Event Details

Embodied & Butoh Dance Residential in Bali
Date: June 5, 2017- June 10, 2017
Location: Bali, Indonesia

Bali Mountain Retreat, Mt Batukaru, Bali

Maria Sangiorgi & Yumi Umiumare






Yumi and Maria share a passion for dance and its transcendent and transformative qualities.  They are like spiritual comrades and have both been exploring particular spiritual practice reflecting from their cultural and global identity through dance.   Maria is like the earth and water that is moved by the fire and air. She is seen by many who attend her workshops as a nurturing mother. In her teaching, she holds her students in their dance, enough for them to find their way, then sets them free.   Where as Yumi is like fire and air that is moved by the earth and water. As a kind of catalyst, Yumi also helps people to open up new territories through her gentle provocation exercises. As Butoh is originally called ‘dance of darkness’, Yumi taps into the aspect of our shadow to unleash the unknown.Their coming together in this 5 day Residential on Mt Batukaru, Bali, will be a beautiful blend of Female energy, as they bring together their magic from years of dance practice and performance to provide a rich, creative field for the participants to work in.

This wonderful week offers you 30 hours of training in total from Maria and Yumi. Full accommodation* in the beautiful tranquil Bali Mountain Retreat, with all meals and drinking water provided and transport to and from the airport or Ubud or other main destinations.  A beautiful massage, temple trek, Traditional Joged Bumbung Dance performance and Village Temple full moon ceremony  are included in the package price.
*this is standard shared accommodation. You can change your preference to a single room but the cost will be more.
There will be an opportunity to perform in a outdoor Amphitheatre in Ubud on the Sunday the 11th of June. (This is not Obligatory but guaranteed to be a lot of fun)  Program and more information

The cost per person is $1,255 USD
We would like to receive expressions of interest, a deposit, a commitment of $250 USD as soon as possible.  Payment plan available 
Full amount due by the 30th April 2017
you can contact Maria of Yumi via their websites

For additional info or to book – CLICK HERE.