CULTUREFEST II 2012 "Dancing a World of Hope..."

We did it again! Seven different dance groups from the Boston area gathered to perform in the SDG sponsored CultureFest concert at the Museum of our National Heritage in Lexington, Massachusetts on March 25, 2012.

It was a splendid and varied afternoon of multicultural dance presentations that included dancers of all ages. In addition, the Northeast Dance Retailers Association donated thousands of dollars worth of new dance supplies that will be shipped to dancers in need in Armenia and Croatia.

We definitely danced the sacred and moved our world toward peace. This was most evident as we all gathered on stage to sing and dance the hymn "Go now in Peace." This touching finale ended with dancers smiling and embracing one another. The CultureFest Concert was a perfect demonstration of dancing in harmony so we can learn to live together in peace.

The concert reviews are in and here are a few for you to enjoy:
"I can't thank you enough for organizing and executing such a successful event. It was a privilege to dance with all the other groups and to see the audience enjoy a wide spectrum of artistry." - Garen: Syat Nova Armenian Dance Company

"My family, friends and I enjoyed the CultureFest. We really loved the Armenians! Thank you for your dedication." - Angela: Studio Ballet Parent

"Thank you for the superb job you have done to get us together and perform on the same stage. It is a precious experience. We enjoyed every minute of it. Through the excellent performances, every dancer's passion and dedication to his/her own culture glowed brilliantly on their faces. It is such a wonderful feeling witnessing all these happenings. We thank you sincerely for inviting us to participate in this event."- Liwen: Melody Chinese Dance Troupe

It is SDG's sincere hope that Sacred dancers in other cities and towns will create their own CultureFests. It is well worth the time and energy because the blessings are abundant. How to Organize an SDGO Event

Thank you from Croatia's Osijek National Theatre

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