Dear Sacred Dancers,

This past year, your Sacred Dance Guild, through its member's support- YOU- has continued to provide resources, education, and networking for Sacred Dancers in today's world...

Through our website, we are now providing Sacred Dance Companies and groups a way to have their newsletters posted and offering printable educational handouts that can be freely given to others, covering different Sacred Dance topics such as "How to Form a Movement Choir" and "Creating Your Own Body Prayers". We successfully piloted our first Sacred Dance Journey - to Sedona and The Grand Canyon - and virtual attendance at our Annual General Meeting. Yes, our Sacred Dance goes on and on through many new and old features and programs, such as our Traveling Workshops and our SDG Journal, all explained on our interactive website

We already are planning on two big events for 2012. Coming up March 25, we will have our 2nd Culturefest in the Boston area. This is part of our Sacred Dance Global Outreach program and will be a Benefit Concert for "Dancers in Need" in Armenia, and this year we're able to add Croatia. July 24-29, we hope you will join us in "Dancing a World of Hope" at Hope College in Holland, Michigan for our Sacred Dance Festival 2012. Keep on reading and tuning into our monthly e-mail news notices and our website for all the latest on these two major events and much more.

And as always, we need your help in keeping SDG's dance going. Every year for 53 years, your Sacred Dance Guild has asked you to give an extra amount so that as an organization we can keep up with the ever-expanding expenses of our nonprofit, volunteer-based, unique and very much needed in today's world Sacred Dance Guild. This year we ask that you donate from your heart and soul through our easy-to-do online donation form: just click here and fill it out. If you want to send in a check by postal mail, add a note that says your enclosed donation is for our Year-end Annual Giving: Sacred Dance Guild, 550M Ritchie Highway, #271, Severna Park, Maryland, 21146.

Know that your special donation is greatly appreciated and needed and that it goes 100% towards supporting all of us in "Dancing The Sacred, Moving The World". We are looking forward to dancing with you in a myriad of ways this up and coming year. Keep in touch and know that you are engaged in serving the world through Sacred Dance and that is a very good thing!

Let's keep on Divinely dancing, and dancing, and dancing - together...

JoyBeth Lufty
SDG President 2011-2012
And your SDG Board of Directors




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